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Blue Light

Missions and Clues

Let's get started.  This inaugural scavenger hunt is less stories and more just basic clues to keep it simple.  Use the clues below to find the items, scenes or even people to accumulate points.  Good luck and just try to have fun with it please, and of course be respectful to the customers at these establishments. 

  You can do these in order or bounce around as you explore.  You cannot use the same picture for a more than one mission.

 These MISSIONS are in no particular order, and we suggest you look through the missions before beginning your hunt so you can PLAN YOUR ROUTE.

The clues will give you an idea of the general location.   I've also added "coordinates" from the DISCOVERY MAP, so be sure to grab a copy from the local attractions.  Sorry, I'm not going to tell you where to find the maps, but most places including the ROXY have some. 

There are 100 missions!! (10 receipts missions) with many "selfies".  If you don't like doing so many selfies, maybe just include a piece of your clothing or something that shows it's you.

Happy Hunting!!  

ALWAYS INCLUDE THE MISSION NUMBER, for example, the first one below is FB01.

Receipt (check) Multiplier Bonus

Receipts are actually "multipliers". Scroll all the way down this list to report your receipts if you make purchases at a FMB businesses.  Although you only get one point for each one, it will multiply your total points.  So if you have receipts from 3 DIFFERENT locations, your total will be multiplied by 3.  It's not as confusing as it

Call or text 239-440-2805 if you need more explanation. 

Discovery Map coordinates are in the parenthesis as part of the location code.



800 points -

Mission: FB01(H-2)

Dolphin Show

Prices are doubled at Snug Harbor during dolphin show.  Find the sign that says so and earn the points listed above.  When sending pic include code "FB01"

300 points -

Mission: FB02(H-2)

Take the wheel, Captain!

When you go hunting for seafood, make sure the captain knows the way.  Get a selfie with any ships wheel in the photo to get the points listed above.


500 points -

Mission: FB03(H-2)

Is that a floating tiki bar?

The back bay has several floating tiki tours, get a pic of any one of these fun tour boats

200 points -

Mission: FB04(H-2)

Snug as a bug

Yes, get snug as bug in a rug...or at least get a pic of anything that says "SNUG" on it from the beach and get the points listed above.


200 points -

Mission: FB05(G-2)

Sandy's Bottom

If you sit on the ground you might get your bottom sandy.  But you can find Sandy; she's an adorable manatee.  Take her picture

1200 points -

Mission: FB06(G-2)

Rocky has a drink

Rocky Raccoon is taking a break from his busy beach day.  Capture Rocky for some BIG points.  He's on a bar stool so he doesn't get his BOTTOM SANDY.


200 points - FB07(G-4)

Surf up, dude!

around the island there are many surfboards, capture a photo of one

700 points - FB08(G-4)

The Flamingo Kid

The flamingo is located where the Snooks Bite


1100 points -FB09(I-2)

Wooden natives

We set sail for Old San Carlos when our ship wrecked and we encountered the savage wood men of Estero Island

300 points - FB10(H-2)

it's a Marques matchup

There's always a funny saying on this marques, try to find it if you're not too NERVOUS

Sherlock bird.jpg

1300 points - FB11(H-2)

Lookin at you, lookin at me

Sherlock Duck wants to join the hunt, find the bird that's trying to find more clues

900 points - FB12(H-2)

Tin City FMB

This is not Tin City of Naples, Ask Nelly where to find it here in Fort Myers Beach

Tin City Nellies.jpg
Sharkbite table.jpg

600 points -FB13(H-2)

Shark Attack

When you order seafood, make sure it doesn't try to eat you.  There is a table with a shark bite, find it

500 points - FB14(I-2)

Flying High

Have someone take your photo with wings and fly away from the wrecked ship

flying high.jpg

300 points - FB15(I-2)

Roll out the barrel

don't roll the barrel, crank it.  Capture this barrel in a photo

300 points - FB16(I-2)

It's a swingers party

Take a selfie showing the swings, I found them, Yu can too


600 points -FB17(I-2)

Tom Foolery 

If you swing, there's always time for soe TOM FOOLERY

400 points - FB18(I-2)

Someone stole his bottles!

Poor Yucatan Man had his bottles stolen, get a selfie where the bottles used to be

yucatan 2somebodytookthe bottles.jpg

900 points - FB19(I/H-2)

yell "Wahoo!!"

Take a selfie making it look like your saying "Wahoo", ask Willie where it is, he knows

1000 points - FB20(K-3)

The Wings are gone!

Ian took our wings, find the sign that remembers how wicked they were.


800 points -FB21(I-3)


We may have lost the Outrigger, but the sign survived.  Look for a LIGHT in the HOUSE to find the sign.

700 points - FB22(G-2)

Heavenly Biscuit

Are there biscuits in Heaven?  Yes, and they are now in a food truck.  find the little biscuit man for the points listed


500 points - FB23(J-1/2)

Shady Tiki

This giant tiki man has his shades on, to find him watch the WAVES flow around the corner.

300 points - FB24(I-2)

pirate and bulldog

You can be a little pirate with a bulldog, get a pic of anyone as the little pirate for the points


400 points -FB25(J-1)

The Neon Wave

Yes, the photo is a dead give away, so it should be easy to ride the neon wave

700 points - FB26(3-K)

Spread your wings!

It's still not so easy to find.  Send a photo of someone "wearing" these wings.   If you look on your Lani-a, it's O-Kai to take the pic  (Just a heads up, only a small area near this MISSION is open, please only go to unrestricted areas at the south side.  look for the picnic tables on the beach, thank you)

melissa wings.jpg

500 points - FB27(G-2)

The NEW Beach Bar

The Beach Bar has some of best music and soon will have an awesome new building.  Get a pic of what is to come soon

800 points - FB28(G-2)

Walk to the bar

Right on the beach, you can "walk up" to one of our beach bars and take this photo


1200 points -FB29(G-3)

Mom's little treasure

The points for this one are higher because Mom only displays her treasure in the morning.  Arrrrr!!

500 points - FB30(G-2)

2 beers, please

Now that you found it, have 2 beers.  Capture this sign for the points listed


800 points - FB31(several)

The water was THIS high

Several locations have "hurricane levels" on the walls.  Capture one in a photo.

800 points - FB32(J-2)

The dead will rise

At quitting time, the dead come to life.  Where is this sign?


800 points -FB33(K-2)

Da plane boss, da plane

Though protected by the Historic Society, Mother Nature doesn't always follow the rules.  This building was rebuilt by Margaritaville.  Take a pic of the AIRPLANE painted on the wall for the points.

1000 points - FB34(J-2)

Welcome to Tom's Tiki

Famous for his tiki bar creations, Tom is still at the biggest Tiki Bar on the beach.  Find the shadow box created in his honor.  It no longer looks as nice as it did in this photo, but hey, it survived Ian.

tiki tom lighthouse.jpg
tiki bar LH monkey 2.jpg

400 points - FB35(several)

Monkey's paw

Get a pic of any monkey (except BONGO MONKEY, ) from the beach with your hand in the pic

300 points - FB36(J-2)

Tower of Power

The tower isn't that hard to find, but if you need a hint, just take the trolley.  You'll get a SQUARE deal

wahoo pirate.jpg

500 points -FB37(MANY)

It was all staged

get a photo of someone on one of the stages on the beach.

1000 points - FB38(K-3)

Support your local Sheriff

Get a pic with a police officer, if you can't find one, use the photo of the sheriff.  He's watching over Estero Blvd.


300 points - FB39(G-2)

Step up to the podium

"Can I take your bags?" to find this, you may need to be ELEVATED.

1000 points - FB40(G-2)

I scream, you scream

When it comes to ice cream, we know where to find the GOODZ.  Capture this pic and stay COOL anyway you can.

IMG_20240629_113330045 (1).jpg

800 points -FB41(G-2/3)

Before and after, BISCUITS

Mom, where can I find a before and after photo?

300 points - FB42(I-2)

The natives are restless

Take a selfie with any cigar store Indian 


1200 points - FB43(G-2)

Many thanks to you

Find this wall of thanks for BIG points.  If you find and OAK near the BAY, you're getting warmer

400 points - FB44(K-2/3)

A lot of places to EATS ON THE BEACH

Get a picture of someone wearing a shirt from one of the bars or restaurants on the beach.  Points will be doubled if it's a selfie of YOU WEARING ONE!!  If you can't find anyone, find this shirt and take that pic


500 points -FB45(I-2)

A cigar for a buck

Oh deer, look it's a buck smoking a cigar, get a pic of him before he gets away

1300 points - FB46(G-2)

I call if "FROLF"

Fore!!  or 6, whatever.  Did you know there is frisbee golf on the beach.  It's right next to the OAK by the BAY.


500 points - FB47(G-3)

Is it high tide?

No, that's not a clock, it's a dial that shows low tide and high tide.  You can put this one in the BOOKS.

800 points - FB48(I-2)

The elusive Jackalope

The jackalope is so fast that this pic is blurry, he ran off in a cloud of SMOKE.  


1100 points -FB49(I-3)

It ain't right

nope, it's not RIGHT, it's PORTSIDE.  ask PETEY where to cut the DECK,.Find the Portside sign or you might walk the plank

600 points - FB50(I-3)

Heads, the gator wins, tails you eat.

Either capture a pic of a gator head or find gator on a menu WITH THE NAME OF THE RESTAURANT in a selfie.  HINT: gator head can be found on THE PORTSIDE

the whale new owner whale.jpg

500 points - FB51(K-3)

Have a Whale of a time.

Get a selfie with anything that has a whale on it.  HINT: Don't be afraid, the police are nearby

1200 points - FB52(J-2)


Either get a selfie of YOU singing karaoke or WITH someone singing karaoke, yes that's why it's worth the big points BECAUSE EITHER WAY, YOU HAVE TO BE SINGING IN THE PIC.  HINT:  People love to sing on the WAVES


700 points -FB53(J-1)

That's a BIG cone

Somewhere in TIME SQUARE there is a giant ice cream cone, find it and take a pic with someone in it(can be selfie).

800 points - FB54(F-3)

A bird in a hat, is worth....

A bird a hat is worth...well 800 points.  Take a pic of a bird wearing a hat for these points.  If you want this one the KEY is to remember, it's a PARROT


500 points - FB55(E-1)


Though it isn't hiding, he can be hard to find.  He hangs around where the SHELLS are PINK

1200 points - FB56(E-1)

A game of cat & mouse

This one may be tough, but as a hint, they are also where the SHELLS are PINK


1400 points -FB57(E-2)

The Tales of Dixie

They say in DIXIE land the tales of awesome fish are told.  This sign is slightly old, if you find it...well just check out how many points you get, don't let be the one that got away.

2000 points - FB58(E-2)

Bogey Loves Gin, gentlemen

This one is tough because of it's location.  If you're sick about not finding this one, go see the DOC.  By the way, ladies, you may need a GENTLEMEN to lend a hand on this one while you REST in another ROOM


800 points - FB59(E-2)

That Tuna is HUUUGE!

Find the Yellow Fin Tuna that weighs in at over 150 lbs. and give it a thumbs up

600 points - FB60(J-1)

Aliens in a cloud of smoke

It's TIME to SQUARE off with the Aliens, get a selfie with the aliens. 


1900 points -FB61(F-3)

Flock Together

This might be a tough one, but you HAVE to fill all 5 spots with faces to get the points for this one, so hopefully birds of a feather will flock together.  AND OF COURSE, the KEY is to find the PARROT.

200 points - FB62(F-3)

Get the flock out of here

Doing this all on your own and you still want some points, take a selfie with JUST YOU in the pic for the consolation points.


700 points - FB63(F-3)

Pirate-Parrot or Parrot-Pirate?

Whatever they are called, you need to find them for these points.  You never know what's IN STORE for you when you search for a PARROT.

500 points - FB64(J-1/2)

Say hello to Mr. Waves

catch the WAVES in a pic, Mr. Waves that is.  Get a pic with someone in the pic just like you see here.


600 points -FB65(F-3)

Get the monkey off your back, Matey

This pirate doesn't have a parrot on his shoulder, it's a monkey, but there are many many PARROTS nearby. Get a pic of the monkey on the pirate

600 points - FB66(F-3)

A Pirate's Tale

Get a pic of one of the legendary tales of the infamous pirates that once hid out in our waters.  There was Calico Jack, Anne Bonnie, Blackbeard and more.  Be sure to capture a piece of the lore.  Give it a thumbs up in the pic.


900 points - FB67(E-1)

It's a giant aquarium

In a land where the SHELLS are PINK the fish are massive.  What looks like a scene from a giant aquarium is really just a beautiful display where you can see the gulf at the same time.  Get this image with ANYONE in it.

500 points - FB68(J-1)


Yo ho ho, I mean Yo Taco.  Get a pic of the FREE TACO board with the names written on it from either the 4th, 5th or 6th.  Yes, we'll check if you're right...haha


400 points -FB69(J-1)

Time is running out, hurry

Get a selfie with our famous clock.  Don't be a SQUARE and run out of TIME.

900 points - FB70(K-3)

If you build it, they will come

The Whale is in the process of rebuilding, if there is pic there of THINGS TO COME.  If you can't find it, just take a selfie at the old Whale location.    try to get something in the pic that shows that it IS there.  They had to shut down the bar after 4th.  So this post has changed since 4th of July

the whale 3.jpg

500 points - FB71(J-1)

Have a Big Donkey, Jackass

Get a pic of the Donkey's booty and you.  

800 points - FB72(F-2)

Bridge over troubled waters

Take a selfie from the top of the sky bridge


300 points -FB73(J-1)

Stay safe, stay hydrated

a little H20 will hit the spot in this heat, take a selfie with it in the background.

1800 points - FB74(J-2)

Mirror Mirror on the floor

Find this mirror and take a pic like the one shown.  It's a "SHADY" location.  


1900 points - FB75(F-3)

looking for my KEYS

I cannot EXPRESS how impressed I'd be if you get a pic of this. (must have name visible)

1200 points - FB76(F-3)

Ring my bell

Ok, just ring the bell once, It's the EXPRESS line and so go WEST they will give you the KEYS


700 points -FB77(J-1)

Getting ahead

Head to to Time Square and get a selfie with "her"

500 points - FB78(J-1)

scary good

This scavenger hunt is so good, it's scary.  Take a selfie here

scary good.jpg

1200 points FM79(J-1)

Brooklyn Bridge is falling down

There's a little corner ice cream shop in Brooklyn, well according to this photo anyway.  Take a selfie with this photo, stay for some ice cream

500 points - FB80(J-1)

In the raw

If you see an alien craft, beware when you enter, they may be in the raw.  


1400 points -FB81(E-3)

Time for a workout

This isn't the easiest to find, but it near where the OAKS are on the BAY

2100 points - FB82(ANYWHERE)

Catching a REAL wave

Get your picture with ANY live mascot, there will be at least one on the 4th, maybe more.  Good Luck with this one.  This one is basically a bonus mission because the mascot will probably only be around on the 4th.  So you don't have to have this one to win the Mission prize.

Jimmy Buffet pic.jfif

400 point - FB83(J-2)

Wastin' Away

Find a photo of Jimmy Buffet, I shouldn't have to tell you where to find him.

800 - FB84(F-2)

Can I take your order?

get a photo of this exact sign with a bartender in the pic, hopefully she's muy BONITA


700 points -FB85(E-2)

Sign here please

The is a boat on top of the dock.  Many have signed it, see if you can find your first name for bonus points, otherwise. tale a selfie with the boat

900 points - FB86(anywhere)


Well, this is a must for the holiday, a selfie with fireworks in the background.  Any fireworks will do.  Happy Birthday America!


800 point - FB87

Now that's art!

get a pic of Chester, points are doubled if it's a selfie with him.  Say, "Magic Mike sent ya"

300 point - FB88(anywhere)


Take a photo of someone drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, it can be a selfie

What Is a Teetotaler.jpg

700 points -FB89(anywhere)

Sit boy, good boy

Take a selfie with a dog

400 points - FB90(anywhere)

It's 5 o'clock somewhere

take pic of a sign that says this or of a clock with that time on it, no watches.... nice try

receipt restaurant.webp

1 point - CH01

Check please!

Time to explain this bonus.  

Every time you spend money at ANY business on the beach, get a pic with the date and if possible the name of the location.  A selfie is good too of course with the receipt and the info.  We know pretty much what most of the local vendors receipts look like.  We are sort of counting on the honor system here too, but we know there are always ways to bend the  Anyway, have fun with it and enjoy!!

1 point - CH02

Check please #2

See "Check Please #1" for details

receipt restaurant.webp

1 point -CH03

Check please #3

See "Check Please #1" for details

1point - CH04

Check please #4

See "Check Please #1" for details

receipt restaurant.webp
receipt restaurant.webp

1 point - CH05

Check please #5

See "Check Please #1" for details

1 point - CH06

Check please #6

See "Check Please #1" for details

receipt restaurant.webp

1 point -CH07

check please #7

See "Check Please #1" for details

1 point - CH08

check please #8

See "Check Please #1" for details

receipt restaurant.webp
receipt restaurant.webp

1 point - CH09

check please #9

See "Check Please #1" for details

2 point - CH10

Check please plus one

Wow, you have 10 receipts from 10 DIFFERENT locations, you are amazing and thank you for doing business with all these places, we are giving you a bonus point for this one, your point will be multiplied by ELEVEN!!!  Make sure, once again that the date is on it.

receipt restaurant.webp
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